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Kobe Bryants Game-Worn Jersey From 2008 MVP Season Could Fetch $7 Million

Sothebys has listed a Kobe Bryant jersey for auction that it expects will fetch between $5 and $7 million. The latest jersey is a game-worn Los Angeles Lakers Bryant jersey he wore from the start of the season in 2007 until the end of the Western

Sothebys is selling Kobe Bryants MVP season jersey. Source: Sothebys An iconic piece of Kobe Bryant memorabilia is hitting the auction block, and its expected to be his most valuable item ever to go up for sale. Sothebys is listing

Lakers fans get ready, one of the Black Mambas most storied jerseys is headed to auction.  Next month, Sothebys will take bids for the late Kobe Bryants MVP season jersey that he wore in 25 games during the 2007-08 campaign. The signed jersey is

Text size A Los Angeles Lakers jersey regularly worn and signed by Kobe Bryant will be auctioned next month with a high estimate of US$7 million, making it the most valuable Bryant jersey to appear on the open market. The late basketball star wore the gold

In this jersey, Kobe Bryant was famously captured by photographers celebrating after a successful three-point shot, gripping his jersey and letting out a primal scream. (Photo: ) According to Sothebys, Bryants jersey was put up

NEW YORK: Sothebys estimates that a jersey worn by US basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who died almost three years ago in a tragic helicopter accident, will sell for up to $7 million next month, the New York auction house said Thursday. If the early

Kobe Bryants game-worn jersey from his sole MVP season is about to hit the auction block ... and TMZ Sports has learned it could sell for a whopping $7 million!!! The signed Purple and Gold threads are from Bryants 2007-08 season -- the only time

The Los Angeles Lakers have witnessed several generational talents in their team, like Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, among others. The NBA has a lot of impressive talents playing the game but fans remember only a select few players

Cactus High School point guard Terrell Doxie is the total package. The senior Cobras star has found success on and off the hardwood, although sometimes its a delicate balance. Its a lot for sure, but just knowing how to manage it, Doxie said. Cactus

A lot of people hold football players in incredibly high regard. The superstar status that they can hold in the eyes of many also leads many to forget that those heroes on the field are completely ordinary people once the game is over. They enjoy many of

Patrick Beverley © Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports Aint nobody playing defense, no mother f*cker is getting 70 on me Patrick Beverley slams the defense in the current NBA There have been some colossal scoring performances in the NBA this season, and

Kobe Bryant, the 18x All-Star and 5x NBA champion, is arguably one of the greatest players to don the purple and gold. Bryant is a 5x NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, and despite his passing away continues to inspire young, aspiring players. Kobe

A bidder has offered $800,000 for a piece of the floor from Kobe Bryants last game. The piece is owned by Rally Road, which sells fractional ownership of collectibles. People who own shares of the floor have 48 hours to accept or reject the bid.  Top

FAYETTEVILLE Fort Smith Southside offensive guard Kobe Branham has gained an offer from Texas A&Ms Bobby Petrino as well as visit to his school from Arkansas Cody Kennedy. Branham, 6-6, 320, was offered by the Aggies and Petrino on Thursday. On

Much like his father, Mayor Eric Adams, and Jay-Z his former boss at Roc Nation Jordan Coleman is ready to put his carefully curated blueprint into action. Coleman, an aspiring filmmaker and rapper, is set to release his latest single, Go Get It,

Follow all the basketball buzz in Brooklyn Sign up for Inside the Nets by Brian Lewis, exclusively on Sports+. When Yuta Watanabe was growing up a decade ago, he had to idolize stars half a world away, players like Kobe Bryant who didnt look like him or

The Friday night slate of NBA games gave fans plenty to discuss. Even better, the slew of primetime matchups gave sneakerheads a lot of content to digest. Throughout the nine games, we saw a healthy balance of new and old basketball shoes that stood out

Kevin Durant is in a tough spot after suffering a knee injury in his Brooklyn Nets win at the Miami Heat. He will undergo an MRI to evaluate the injury. It coincides, in a curious and somewhat unfortunate way, with Durants own memory of his first

Mike Conley 11 and Jordan Clarkson 00 of the Utah Jazz react against the Houston Rockets during the second half at Toyota Center on January 05, 2023 in Houston, Texas.  Carmen MandatoGetty ImagesAFP MANILA, Philippines Jordan Clarkson has

AFGHANISTAN, January 15 - Kateryna Stepanenko, Riley Bailey, Angela Howard, and Mason Clark January 14, 7:30 pm ET Click here to see ISWs interactive map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This map is updated daily alongside the static maps present in

Jackpot Hooligan II, completed on Christmas Eve, was the culmination of more than a year of relationship and tactics, techniques and procedures, experimentation, analysis, and implementation at sea and ashore between units of the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and

UZBEKISTAN, January 13 - On January 13, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense. The building and working methods of the hospital needed a radical update. Taking this into account, during a

There are fears that military intelligence and armed soldiers will try to block and disperse the protest march. JAFFNA, SRI LANKA, January 13, 2023 ⁩ -- During Sri Lankan President Ranil Wikramasinghes visit to Jaffna

POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 13, 2023 m⁩ -- MDF Law, a New York City based law firm, announces an investigation into former Monmouth Capital Management broker Caz Craffy. Craffy was barred by the Financial

The students, all senior officers from their respective militaries, are attending the U.S. Naval War College to learn from the U.S. military and establish relationships that will continue to strengthen ties between their countries and the U.S. The visit to

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- Coherent Market Insightss latest research report, titled Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. The Tennessee Military Department announced today that Col. Michael Trent Scates, from Greenfield, will serve as the Tennessee Military Departments Assistant Adjutant GeneralArmy. Col. Scates is a talented and experienced leader who

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POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- MDF Law, a New York City based law firm, announces an investigation into former Monmouth Capital Management broker Caz Craffy. Craffy was barred by the Financial

Rampart Products HPHT Hermetic Rotary Fit Connector HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- On November 1st of, 2022, Rampart Products was granted by the US Patent and Trademark office a new patent, No. 11,489,278,

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New ZIKO LED Wall Pack With Selectable Wattage and Selectable Kelvin

ZIKO LED wall packs feature selectable wattage and Kelvin housed in a die-cast aluminum housing with a glare reducing opalescent polycarbonate diffuser lens. WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- Access

Distribution channels:Agriculture, Farming & Forestry IndustryBuilding & Construction Industry...

GOSAFE™ Unveils Patented Mobile Firearm Security Solution with First-Ever Safe Inside Your Gun

New GOSAFE products ensure security and quick access to store or carry with confidence. STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- GOSAFE™, a new firearm security company focused on products, training and risk

CCF grants support startups, critical early technology testing and market validation efforts RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporations (VIPC), Commonwealth

While in the South China Sea, the strike group is conducting maritime strike training, anti-submarine operations, integrated multi-domain and joint training between surface and air elements, and flight operations with fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Jackpot Hooligan II, completed on Christmas Eve, was the culmination of more than a year of relationship and tactics, techniques and procedures, experimentation, analysis, and implementation at sea and ashore between units of the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and

CARATMAREX Singapore took place ashore at RSS Singapura - Changi Naval Base (CNB) and in the waters around Singapore, Jan. 9-13. CARAT Singapore, a bilateral exercise between Singapore and the United States designed to promote regional security and

The students, all senior officers from their respective militaries, are attending the U.S. Naval War College to learn from the U.S. military and establish relationships that will continue to strengthen ties between their countries and the U.S. The visit to

These 34 Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen represent USNCCs pioneers in naval education as the college has more than 1,300 students enrolled in degree-seeking programs that include the Naval Studies Certificate. Use the knowledge you have gained this

Distribution channels:Military Industry

Georgia Mesothelioma Victims Center Appeals to A Veteran or Person with Mesothelioma in Georgia to Call The Gori Law ...

ATLANTA , GEORGIA , USA, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- According to the Georgia Mesothelioma Victims Center, If your husband or dad is a Veteran or person who has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma in Georgia or anywhere in the

Distribution channels:Automotive IndustryBuilding & Construction Industry...

Over 100,000 Training Conversations in 2022 with SIMmersions Virtual Role-Players Sets a New Annual Record

More people are practicing difficult conversations using SIMmersions AI-driven role-players to have realistic experiences, build skills, and gain confidence. COLUMBIA, MD, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- SIMmersions

Distribution channels:Banking, Finance & Investment IndustryEducation...


Register to attend at DAVOS, SWITZERLAND, January 13, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- Today, Ukraine House Davos and TIME announced that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy will be interviewed by TIME Editor-in-Chief

Distribution channels:Human RightsInternational Organizations...

Level Up Ethernet Connectivity with NEXCOMs New High-Performance Network Appliance

In terms of big data processing, NSA 7160 is designed with the latest PCIe Gen 5 interface that enables up to 2.6Tb Ethernet connectivity per system. FREMONT, CA, USA, January 12, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network

OPSEC is defined as the process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by enemy intelligence, determines if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them, and then executes

ROA, the only national military organization that exclusively supports the Reserve and National Guard, fights for the 1 million members of the Reserve forces. WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 12, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- Recounting his memory of

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- Solar Stik, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions, is proud to announce that it has achieved its initial ISO 9001-2015 certification. ISO, the International

DLO on some of the best reasons to hire a personal injury attorney. OMAHA, NE, US, January 12, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- If one has been injured or lost a loved one due to someone elses negligence, consideration of hiring a personal injury

Distribution channels:Business & EconomyCompanies...

Rafael Marrero & Company announces the launching of Government Procurement Solutions (GPS)

Dr. Rafael Marreros firm kicks off 2023 with a new strategic partnership in the business world. MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- Dr. Rafael Marrero, a highly regarded economist, Amazon best-selling author, and

Distribution channels:Banking, Finance & Investment IndustryBuilding & Construction Industry...

TIGHITCO AeroStructures - Charleston Appoints New General Manager

Seasoned Aerospace Leader to take the helm of Composite Assemblies Manufacturing Facility CHARLESTON, SC, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2023 ⁨EINPresswire.com⁩ -- TIGHITCO Inc. is pleased to announce that its AeroStructures Charleston facility

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